Nancy Mayer-Whittington

Co-founder of Isaiah’s Promise

Brutally honest while heartwarmingly aligned with God, nature, and maternal mindfulness, Walking the Labyrinth of My Heart, takes us on a journey of faith, grief, and hope. Shortly after discovering that she is pregnant with her second child, Dianna receives a prenatal diagnosis of a lethal anomaly that sends her recently balanced world into a tailspin. We watch and root for her as she goes from disbelief, to recognition, to enlightenment. Through insightful journal entries, emails, poetry, and reflections, we see the progress of a pregnancy, the fate of which is largely beyond the author’s control. As a result, Dianna becomes a fierce advocate for the few decisions that are within her control with the most important one being the ability to birth at home. The story is dynamic and open-ended as we experience with Dianna the penetrating pain of the pregnancy and the raw grief that follows the death shortly after birth of her much longed for daughter, Mary Rose. Dianna’s transformation from brokenness to wholeness, from suffering to healing, “turning pain into Light and Love” is a witness to the impact of one tiny baby girl and to the path that they both traveled writing their story together.   Walking the Labyrinth of My Heart is a heart-wrenching but hopeful, even joyful journey, that searches for the symbolism that is apparent everywhere if only you open the eyes of your soul to unexpected miracles. This is a deeply moving and spiritual testament to the beauty of unconditional love. It is a must read for anyone who believes or wants to believe that there is a purpose to every life and that priceless mosaics begin with shards of broken glass. 

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